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Serrano Ob Gyn In San Antonio

Serrano OBGYN in San Antonio

Serrano OBGYN is a San Antonio gynecologist whose focus is providing and educating women and expectant mothers. Dr. Christopher Serrano has providing women with the highest quality gynecology care for over 18 years. He has been able to cross over this caring personality into our everyday office environment. When you first enter our San Antonio gynecology office, you will be greeted by inviting staff in a warm, friendly environment. Serrano Gynecology wants you to be comfortable in knowing the fact that we care, and we are here to help.

Our Focus

Our primary objectives at our San Antonio OBGYN office is divided into three primary categories: Healthy Living, Expecting Mothers, and Women’s Health. Through education, information, and quality care, Serrano OBGYN is dedicated to providing the top San Antonio Gynecology care in the Central Texas area.

Healthy Living

Through San Antonio gynecology, Serrano OBGYN is able to offer women education concerning living healthy, preventative exams, and age related questions. Your age, lifestyle, and health history are all determining factors in the frequency of visits to our San Antonio gynecologist. Serrano San Antonio OBGYN wants to detect any health issues early on, so your chances of treatment and curing are the highest possible!

Expectant Mothers

The second area Serrano OBGYN in San Antonio focuses on are expectant mothers. Pregnancy can be scary and exciting, all at the same time. Serrano OBGYN wants to provide our expectant mothers with the highest possible care, using the latest in technology to ensure your baby is healthy. From the time of conception, until delivery, Serrano OBGYN provides the best in San Antonio gynecology care for both mother and child.

Women's Health Education

Lastly, women’s health education is extremely important. Serrano OBGYN provides our patients with options to continue a healthy lifestyle. We recommend all women have their first gynecology visit around age 13-15, and annually thereafter. As a San Antonio gynecologist, Serrano OBGYN is here to answer any and all questions you may have concerning your health care.

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