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Expecting Mothers

Why Choose Serrano OB GYN As Your San Antonio Obstetrician?

Your health is a matter of great concern for you and your baby. Hence, choosing the right obstetrician in San Antonio is very important. Although you might have gotten a number of recommendations from friends and family members, choosing a doctor for your baby’s delivery is a decision that is entirely up to you.

So what makes Serrano OB GYN such a great choice for your San Antonio obstetrician? Keep reading to find out.

We Consider Your Personal Health History

If you have a history of chronic diseases, don’t hesitate to discuss this with the staff at Serrano OB GYN. Our  obstetrician has relevant experience in dealing with a variety of illnesses that may require special care.

If you have any concerns pertaining to family history, former medical issues, or current medical issues, let the staff at Serrano OB GYN know so that we may better cater to your needs more efficiently in order to perform a successful delivery.

Dr. Serrano Offers Care and Education

Every mother has certain views and concerns regarding her upcoming delivery. Similarly, our obstetrician, Dr. Serrano, will also have his own perspective of every issue that arises. We desire to work with you in order to 1) Make sure you are comfortable and minimize your nerves about pregnancy; and 2) Discuss our outlooks on various matters and questions in order to come to the best outcome.

With Serrano OB GYN, you are choosing one of the BEST obstetricians in San Antonio.

Your Comfort Level with Serrano OB GYN

We understand the importance of selecting the right obstetrician in San Antonio. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Serrano to talk in detail and discover if Serrano OB GYN is the right obstetrician for you. Serrano OB GYN desires our patient-doctor relationships to be full of understanding and good communication so that we can convey our views to each other effectively.

Our Clinic and Patient Care

Serrano OB GYN is a private clinic and provides a variety of services. Dr. Serrano and our staff are very friendly and caring, providing our patients with a comfortable and warm atmosphere upon entering the waiting room. We also provide the latest technological methods for treating our patients.

Serrano OB GYN ensures each patient is comfortable; we provide a good, clean and relaxing environment in the clinic; friendly staff; and the best in modern technology.

To learn more about Serrano OB GYN, Request an Appointment today! We are excited to meet you!